Iraqi Tribal Leaders Sign Unity Pact to Wipe Out Terrorism

“Realizing the gravity of the situation our country is undergoing, we pledge in front of God and the Iraqi people to be sincere and serious in preserving the unity of our country.”

Iraqi Tribal Leader Representative
August 26, 2006

Reuters has a clip of the Unity Summit of tribal leaders in its latest Iraq update, HERE.

Over 90% of Iraqis support a Unity government and continue to be upbeat about their future!

Iraq’s most senior tribal leaders attend a meeting in Baghdad August 26, 2006. Hundreds of Iraq’s most senior tribal figures met in Baghdad on Saturday as part of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s sponsored reconciliation drive as more sectarian killings across Iraq underlined the urgent need for its success. (REUTERS/Ali Jasim)


Hundreds of Iraqi tribal chiefs gave important support Saturday to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s national reconciliation plan, while the government leader called the release of a leading Sunni Arab lawmaker by kidnappers a gift to his unity campaign.

Al-Maliki won endorsement of his program for bridging religious, ethnic and political divisions at a national conference of tribal chiefs. A representative of the chiefs read their agreement on live television, calling it a “pact of honor.”

“Realizing the gravity of the situation our country is undergoing, we pledge in front of God and the Iraqi people to be sincere and serious in preserving the unity of our country,” said the agreement signed by tribal leaders and sheiks.

The chiefs also pledged to “work hard to stop the bloodletting and … sectarian killings that have nothing to do with our values.”

The endorsement was a boost to al-Maliki because tribal ties wield considerable influence in Iraqi society, especially among rural people for whom clan bonds are vital.

This follows good security news coming from Baghdad earlier this week.

Iraq’s prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, center, raises hands along with different Iraqi tribal leaders, during a unity conference in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday Aug.26, 2006. Hundreds of Iraq’s tribal chiefs Saturday signed a ‘pact of honor,’ pledging their support to the prime minister’s national reconciliation plan on wiping out sectarian strife and terrorism. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Also this weekend, kidnappers released a Sunni Parliamentarian,Taiseer Najah al- Mashhadani, in what is viewes as a gift of reconciliation after they held her for two months:

As tribal chieftains dressed in traditional robes met in a hotel in the capital, a Sunni Arab legislator was freed nearly two months after her kidnapping sparked a political furore.

A member of her Iraqi Islamic Party said Taiseer Najah al- Mashhadani was released after her captors made contact with Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi. Some Sunni leaders had accused Shi’ite Muslim militias of being behind the abduction.

“She was turned in as a gift for the reconciliation project,” he told reporters. “This is an important step and achievement for the reconciliation process, this is a good start.”

Mohammed at Iraq the Model shares his thoughts on the current situation and what can be done to ensure progress.
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