Iranians Arrest Parents of Activist After His Death in Prison

Imprisoned since 1999 for a student uprising, Akbar Mohammadi died on Sunday at Evin Political Prison north of Tehran.

Stefania has reports that Mohammadi was buried without the presence of any family member.

When Mohammadi’s parents reached Iran on Monday night on the news of their son’s death, they were arrested by the regime:

The parents of Akbar Mohammadi, an imprisoned activist who died due to hunger strike at the infamous Evin Political jail, were arrested, this evening, at Tehran Airport.

Mohamadi’s parents had shortened their stay following the news on the sudden death of their cherished son which happened on Sunday night. The old couple was, later, transferred forcibly to the remote northern City of Amol and placed under surveillance at their home.

The family’s phone lines have been cut and their mobile phones were already confiscated by the Airport’s guards.

The official reaction shows the fear of the Islamist leadership on the consequences of the death of the maverick student and the presence of his parents in the Capital.

Already most access roads to Tehran Airport were placed under close watch, an hour before the landing of Turkish Airlines Flight #2176, in an effort to avoid any popular gathering.

Akbar was the younger brother of Manouchehr who is also an imprisoned activist in Iran.

Manouchehr Mohammadi, the secretary general of the National Association of Iranian Students and the brother of Akbar, is also imprisoned in Iran.

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