Claire McCaskill & the Federal Meth Investigation

This is one crazy meth lab story!
I am posting it so you can watch it and decide for yourself.

Claire McCaskill Federal Drug Investigation

Oh, My! This is one wild meth story!

Claire McCaskill Federal Drug Investigation (part two)

Whatever you think of this…
It is an interesting story!


Update: In light of this story, is it really in Claire McCaskill’s best interest to be endorsed by Willy Nelson tonight at his concert here in St. Louis… With his history and connections and all?
Hat Tip 97.1 FM Allman and Smash in the Morning.

Maybe she’ll have a chance to ask him how his hunger strike with Cindy Sheehan is going. He was starting to look a little pudgy.

Carol Platt Liebau has the latest on Claire’s desperate attempt to look moderate.

Human Events Online has more on Claire and Willie.

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