Baghdad Business Is Booming

“God willing, the Americans will stay until the situation gets better.”
Baghdad businessman

Lawk Salih is reporting this good news tonight:

Business has been so good, that business owners like Taha are having a tough time keeping up with the growing demand. He sells everything from dime-a-dozen Nokia’s to high-end camera phones.

Taha said, “During Saddam’s time, we only had government-run land-lines. Cell phones were illegal. Now almost everyone has a cell phone.”

The internet and satellite television were also illegal during Saddam’s time. Not anymore.

“We have so many stores that sell satellite televisions today. There’s a growing demand for such items,” said store owner Avad Nashaat.

Taha said he’s proud that Iraq is slowly becoming a modernized country.

More than three years after Baghdad fell to U.S.-led forces, many Iraqis across the country are trying to get on with their lives. Schools, hospitals, roads, and other critical infrastructures are slowly being rebuilt. But it has not been easy.

These are very challenging times today in this nation, especially in Baghdad. Although there is relative peace up in the northern part of the country as well as in southern Iraq, in Baghdad there is a tremendous amount of tension.

…”We still have water shortages, there’s no electricity and the security situation is just getting worse. Sometimes, we have to wait three days in line just to get a few gallons of gas,” said yet another resident.

A shopkeeper said, “I don’t think anyone here is happy. So many people have lost hope. God willing, the Americans will stay until the situation gets better.”

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