World Cup Madness in the Streets of France

World Cup shocker…
This is how Zinedine Zidane ended his illustrious career.

French player Zinedine Zidane plows down an unsuspecting Italian player, Marco Materazzi, at the end of the championship game.

Rantburg reports on World Cup madness in the streets of France.
Hat Tip Tom Pechinski

Atlas confirms reports of violence from her contact in Paris.

Italy’s Marco Materazzi lies on the pitch after being head-butted by France’s Zinedine Zidane during their World Cup 2006 final soccer match in Berlin July 9, 2006. (REUTERS)


And, here is an post game update from Atlas:

The score If the French team had won, it would have been one more night of festivity and then back to normal. But France lost in a terrible dramatic disgrace, and the consequences will be dramatic. Zidane, the hero, the providential man, the emblem of successful integration, raised to the heights, Zidane the demi-god disgraced his team, his nation, and his people. If the team had lost with honor, he would have retired with honor. Instead, he was chased from the field like a bandito. He knocked down Mazzerati with a coup de tête (I don’t know how to say it in English, it’s like a kick, but with the head) a lowdown gangster gesture, the kind of thing you expect to see in a bar fight, not on the field in the finals of the World Cup. Zidane turned ugly in the next to the last minute of his career. I’m afraid the night will turn ugly too.

Paul at Powerline was not overly impressed with this year’s World Cup.

Update: Galliawatch has a chilling shot of the violence in France.

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