The Wilson-Plames Forced to Bring Suit Against Dick & Karl

After months of pain, suffering and wondering if their vacation plans to Europe would be disrupted…
The Plame-Wilsons filed suit against Dick, Scooter and Karl today.

Amazingly, through all of this intense anguish, it was only through support from their friends…

…That the Plame-Wilsons were able to make it through this most difficult period.
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After Patrick Fitzgerald let them down, the Plame-Wilsons were forced to bring suit against Cheney and Rove today:

The lawsuit alleged “a conspiracy among current and former high-level officials in the White House” to “discredit, punish and seek revenge” against Plame’s husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, for publicly disputing statements made by Bush justifying the war in Iraq.

The suit was the latest twist in a long-running saga over the public exposure of Plame that put President Bush on the defensive over his campaign to justify the war and reached into the highest levels of the White House.

The lawsuit comes at a time when Rove, Bush’s top political aide, seeks to keep Congress in Republican hands in November elections. Rove learned last month he would not face criminal charges in the CIA leak investigation.

It has been a very difficult period for the Plame-Wilsons.

Former CIA officer Valerie Plame, right, and her husband former ambassador Joseph Wilson attend the White House Correspondents’ Association’s 92nd annual awards dinner, in this April 29, 2006 file photo in Washington. Former CIA operative Valerie Plame files suit against Vice President Dick Cheney, his former top aide Scooter Libby, and presidential adviser Karl Rove. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File)

Glenn Reynolds says- “Not wise.”

It will be interesting to see how Joe Wilson explains that it was not Aldrich Ames who outed his wife in 1994 but rather Bushco in 2003.
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