St. Louis Nightmare! First a Power Blackout, Now Al Sharpton!

Thanks to Mongo, I hear that Al Sharpton is going to protest at the Ameren UE headquarters this morning in St. Louis!

Via Easy Bourse:

With 155,000 St. Louis-area residents still without power six days after the first of two powerful storms caused the worst outage in the region’s history, the Reverend Al Sharpton plans to lead a protest against Ameren Corporation (AEE)

Sharpton’s National Action Network says the protest is planned for later Tuesday morning.

Sharpton says Ameren is under-serving Missouri’s working class and poor. He says that not only are rate increase proposals for the utility unjustified, but Ameren should roll back its rates to help the community recover from the blackouts.

The worst storm in nearly one hundred years hit St. Louis last week and Al Sharpton is going to play politics. That is pathetic!


Someone should ask Al why he was hustling for a loan shark company. That hurt the poor folk some, I suspect.

…And, isn’t there a blackout in New York that he should be dealing with?

After nearly a week since the first storm hit, 154,000 are still without power in St. Louis.

After the first violent storm ripped through the region last Wednesday night, 154,000 still are without power in the St. Louis region as of Monday night:

In a news conference Monday morning, Ameren officials say they expect most customers to have electricity by Tuesday, and that almost everyone will have electricity by Wednesday. Ameren crews have been working around the clock to restore power. The company says more than 600,000 people lost electricity at some point. That number was around 154,000 late-Monday evening.

Some people have complained that Ameren should have done a better job trimming trees. Two years ago, Ameren was taken to task by Missouri regulators for not trimming trees on a four-year schedule. Since that time, Ameren has been spending more money on trimming, but won’t get to a four-year schedule until December of 2008. The current trimming average is every five years.

St. Louis County officials say “be patient.” In the aftermath of last week’s storms, power is being restored as quickly as possible. County officials say the clean up will continue long after electricity is restored.

Employees have been working nonstop at the St. Louis County Emergency Operations Center. They’re answering questions, address concerns and coordinating resources.

“Car for Sale”
That’s what the sign says hanging from the hood.

The neighbors are still trying to sell their car. It was flattened by a tree during the first storm that hit St. Louis on Wednesday night. The storms that hit last week blew down trees and overturned tractor trailers on the highways.

Nearly a quarter-million homes and businesses still had no electricity Monday morning as St. Louis struggled to recover from last week’s devastating thunderstorms.

Local officials said there were false reports of looting by the national media:

St. Louis County Police stress there have been no security problems on the streets.

“Apparently some of the national media was reporting that there was looting in north St. Louis county and St. Louis city. And I’ve talked to the St. Louis Police Department and ourselves and we have absolutely no looting that’s occurred,” says Chief Jerry Lee of the St. Louis County Police.

Senator Jim Talent has been in the St. Louis region helping out with the situation.

And, more than a ton of ice cream has had to be thrown away in the region.

Update: Al’s power protest a bust… about 12 show up!

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