Shootings at Jewish Federation in Seattle!

Killer Naveed Haq
– reportedly a nice guy, except for when he climbed the pole in the mall three months ago and flashed his penis to the women walking by.

Richmond High School, Class of 1994
“Peace Be Upon You”

Michelle Malkin has more on Naveed.

Update: One person is dead!!!
(More Updates Below)

This is a picture of the suspect being led away by police after the shootings in Seattle where one person was killed today at a Jewish Center, from KING5 Video


Local news reporters say that a shooter had made his way past security and onto the top of the building where he started firing from the roof.

One of the shooting victims is 17 weeks pregnant!

Photo from ABC KOMO News.
KOMO has live video on their website.

Charles Johnson just posted this news…
Via King 5 News:

At least three people have been shot at the Jewish Federation at 2031 Third Ave. in downtown Seattle. One person has been taken into custody.

Police have taken one person into custody but there may be more suspects in or around the building. Police have their weapons pointed toward the second floor of the building.

The three victims are believed to be women. One was reportedly shot in the abdomen and another was shot in the arm. They are being taken to Harborview Medical Center.

The incident began around 4 p.m. Part of Third Avenue and Second Avenue near Lenora have been closed to traffic. Police are urging people to stay away from the area.

At least three people were seen emerging from the building, which has two or three stories, escorted by police. It’s not known if they were hostages…

…One shooter is confirmed and in custody, he said. As of yet he said there is no motive. It’s not yet known if the incident is politically motivated.

The Seattle Times has this breaking news:

Several witnesses said they saw a man walk up to the entrance of the building and shoot a woman in the leg. The man then walked into the building and made it up to the roof.

Witnesses said they heard one shot while the man was on the roof . The man then went back inside and witnesses said they heard several more shots.

Michelle Malkin has updates on this terrorist act.

Workers fleeing the scene from a KING 5 video.

Update 1: (7:20 CST, 5:20 PST) One is Dead!

One person has been killed and at least four others have been injured in a shooting at the Jewish Federation at 2031 Third Ave. in downtown Seattle. One person has been taken into custody.

King5 News has video (HERE) of police with guns drawn during the chaos. The video also shows police hauling a suspect away (from a helicopter camera).

Update 2: 7:50 PM CST, 5:50 PM PST) AllahPundit says the suspect is a Pakistani man.

Another picture of the suspect from KOMO News.

Update 3: Little Green Footballs has more video.

Update 4: Police say they believe the gunman was acting alone and not part of any larger organization.

One of the shooting victims being wheeled away (KIRO News)

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Jihad Watch has thoughts on this Islamic violence.
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Powerline thinks this an odd reaction for a religion of peace.
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