Radio-Blogging From the St. Louis Quagmire

This Weekend with Gateway Pundit on Wide Awakes Radio

Due to the fact that I am caught up in the monster electrical blackout in St. Louis… I will be RadioBlogging with my laptop wherever I can find juice!

And… if this works out, I have a very special guest this week- Freedom for Egyptians!


FFE is one of the great bloggers coming out of Egypt.
She is, of course, the blogger who broke this story during the Danish cartoon mess.
I am very excited about having her as a guest!

So check out (W.A.R.) from 5-7 PM CST.

Check out the stellar line up and more information, HERE!

You can tune in on your computer by clicking “Listen Live” on the W.A.R. homepage.

CALL IN LIVE 1-888-4-07-1776

Also: I will be a guest on the Stop the ACLU show on W.A.R. at 1:00 PM on Saturday (CST)

Update: Much thanks to Freedom for Egyptians for her great discussion on everything Mideast today!

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