No Surprise! Sick Leftists Support Al Qaeda Soldier Slaughter!

Sadly the Left gobbled up the Al Qaeda lies by the media today.

It is still disgusting but not a surprise anymore that the American Left can agree with our enemy terrorists even when it involves the slaughter of US soldiers.

The infamous Arizona blogger, Deb Frisch, who threatens children posts this:


decapped dupes

A reader writes:

You want to post about something? How about the latest video that leaves no ambiguity that our two guys were decapped and mutilated because some of our people raped, murdered, and mutilated the corpses of an Iraqi family. Then look at how the wingnuts are handling it. As soon as the story about the rape/murder came to light, they dropped the 2 Americans tortured and murdered like a hot potato. Now that the video is out, they keep avoiding the context (cf. lgf).
Great post. One of the soldiers who was “decapped and mutilated” (a LOT less fun than a decaf and milk, lemme tell ya!) was Thomas Tucker from Madras, Oregon. Tucker was tortured and murdered as payback for what other American troops did. What goes around comes around. Warrior karma.

Are you saying the MSM is trying to keep the decapped dupes story separate from the rapist troops story so Americans won’t connect the dots?

This post from Bring it On shows the Leftist’s inability to identify the real enemy of the United States:

Some on the right are touting this video** as a reason to stay the course and even suggest that non-believers should watch this video** so that we can better understand why we are fighting them over there. Bullshit. These men were brutalized and killed because of the incompetance of this administration. Mr. Bush I hope you’re happy you mother f**ker!!!!

But, the Associated Press wins the award for most deranged reporting when they used an interview of the Al Qaeda spokesman to support their story!

Six Meat Buffet offers advice to the dhimmis.

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