Musician Escapes From Coma After Peace Activist Beating

Surgeons were forced to remove a piece of Billy Leeson’s skull to lessen pressure on his brain after he was attacked by former Saddam human shield, Christiaan Briggs.

The young British musician, Billy Leeson, coldcocked by a peace activist (who then ran from the scene of the crime laughing), has emerged from his coma after several weeks:

PROMISING pop star Billy Leeson, who ended up in a coma after an alleged street attack, is making a miraculous recovery.

The 19-year-old, who grew up in Muswell Hill, was put in a medically-induced coma after being attacked in Holloway on the way home from performing a gig on July 22.

Billy also had to have part of his skull removed in an operation at The Royal Free Hospital.

“He was as unlikely to be involved in that sort of thing as anybody I have ever met. The school hasn’t been in contact with the family, but we have the greatest sympathy with them.

“It’s great that he is up walking and talking. I hope he makes a full recovery and gets back to music. He was always a talented musician.”

New Zealander Christian Briggs appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court this week, charged with grievous bodily harm.

Briggs, 30, of Bacon Lane, Kingsbury, was given £10,000 bail, but cannot enter Brecknock Road, must be at his home between 10pm and 7am and has had to surrender his passport.

He is due to enter a plea on September 25.

Christiaan Briggs is a former Saddam Hussein human shield who put a rising rock star in a coma after hitting on his girlfriend.

The peace activist, Briggs, turned himself into authorities after 10 days.

Are We Lumberjacks? has pictures from Briggs own website.


Coldcocking Peace Activist & Human Shield Puts Man in Coma

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