Leftists Defend Their Right to Threaten Conservatives & Children!

It’s so sad to see the building meltdown of the Left and their Democratic Party these last few years. If you take away their glass house of Bush hatred they’re left standing their in naked rage.

This weekend one very deranged woman in full blown meltdown threatened the two year old child of popular conservative blogger Jeff Goldstein.

The Leftist “Frisched” herself… And tendered her resignation from the pychology department at the University of Arizona.


** Also… this weekend Viking Pundit points out a Leftist Saddam-defending human shield and peace activist, Christiaan Briggs, who beat another man into a coma!

When will this madness stop?
– Not anytime too soon.

After the uproar over this woman’s madness on Saturday and her resignation from the University of Arizona, the child-threatening Leftist Deb Frisch came back swinging (a bat). She started out the day with a post from another deranged Leftist backing her violent threats:

Deb, these right-wing terrorists will never, ever stop attacking you; you don’t talk nicely to rabid animals or ask them to please stop biting you, you execute the damned things.

They’re hate junkies, and the best way to deal with them — other than taking a baseball bat to their heads — is to overdose them with hate.

It sounds like this Leftist Gideon Starorzewski believes that Leftists have a right to threaten children with violence!

Gideon also has a few words for “Righties” on his own blog:

I simply cannot take the Right’s protestations seriously when the same right-wing whackjobs complaining about a few attacks directed at one of their own have turned a blind eye to the same behavior on their side, and then engage in it themselves against their latest leftie punching bag.

In short, the Radical Right can go f*ck itself.

Dr. Helen tries her best to explain this shocking behavior.
I’d rather not venture too deep into their minds, myself.

Elephants in Academia has an update on the latest leftist hunger strikers.

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