Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora Pulls Plug on Hezbollah!

The Lebanon Prime Minister asks for outside help as he confronts the dangerous Hezbollah terror organization.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora (Left) and Hezbollah terror leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

From Beirut to the Beltway just reported:


In an emotional address to the Lebanese people, PM Fouad Siniora declared Lebanon a disaster area, and called for 3 things:

1- An immediate cease fire brokered by the UN

2- The Lebanese state to extend its control over all lebanese territories with UN help. He vowed that Lebanese will additionally abide by the 1949 armstice agreement with Israel.

3- Called on Lebanon’s friends to send humanitarian aid and economic assistance to Lebanon

Siniora condemned the unjustified Israeli aggression on Lebanon and held Israel responsible for the humanitarian catastrophy. Most importantly, he said the “Lebanese state will not rise if it is the last to know.” He reiterated that he did not condone Hizbullah’s operation (he did not call Hizbullah resistance). He said “only the state has the right to make war decisions.”

With this, Lebanon’s prime minister has officially pulled the plug on Hizbullah. Yet his government is weak, which is why he asked for UN help.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have donated a total of US$70 million to Lebanon on Sunday.


Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, vowed to surprise Israel on land, “just like we surprised you at sea” in his first appearance since his Hezbollah headquarters was bombed by the Israelis.

Syrian blogger Ameriji says that Nasrallah hit his target audience with his speech today:

There are many young people starving for hope in Lebanon, Syria and across the region, and Hassan Nasrallah’s latest speech was aimed squarely at them. No. it did not offer them hope in the real sense for which they are aspiring, jobs and such, but it did promise them victory, and in their desperate and empty lives, the promise of victory and the call of battle can indeed excite, especially when the leader involved seems to have a certain hard-won credibility in this regard.

Egyptian Sandmonkey continues his excellent coverage on the crisis.

The Lebanese Foundation for Peace openly backs Israel. -Via Stefania.

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