India Releases Suspect Photos, Blames Pakistani Spy Agency!

The Canadian Press reported this disturbing news on Friday:

“Several Indian newspapers reported on front pages Friday that Indian intelligence agencies have told the government that the attacks were planned by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency.”

Members of the radical Islamic Group Lashkar-e-Tayyaba are being sought in connection with the Mumbai bombings on Tuesday.

This undated image made from New Delhi Television (NDTV) shows Sayyad Zabiuddin, left, and Zulfeqar Fayyaz, said to be the key suspects in Tuesday’s serial blasts in Bombay. Indian authorities on Friday named a third suspect in the bombings as the local media said the well-coordinated attacks that killed 200 people were planned by Pakistan’s main intelligence agency. (AP Photo)

Indian investigators are looking for three suspects in connection with the Mumbai bombings. Two of the suspects, who are members of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LeT) or “Army of the Righteous”, men have been on the run since May after a major weapons bust:


As reported yesterday, The two had been on the run since mid-May, when authorities arrested three suspected Muslim insurgents and seized large quantities of arms, ammunition and plastic explosives after a long highway chase in western India’s Maharashtra state. Bombay is its capital.

The Christian Science Monitor has more on the LeT:

Whether or not Lashkar-e-Tayyaba was directly involved, they add, the group has achieved a kind of inspirational leadership role, becoming an operational template for militant splinter groups in India in much the same way that Al Qaeda has on the global stage.

“This is a new dimension. In India you now have groups of Muslims who may be influenced by Lashkar-y-Tayyba, but which act independently,” says Hasan Askari Rizvi, a defense analyst in Lahore. “Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has become a pejorative to cover all such groups.”

Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, which first emerged in 1993, has demonstrated a sophisticated capacity to carry out brutal, large-scale attacks, some of them deep inside Indian territory. Indian authorities implicated them in the 2001 attack on Parliament, which left 14 people dead, and also blame them for killing more than 100 people within two days in Indian-held Kashmir in 2000.

India again put blame on Pakistan for allowing these militant groups to operate within its borders:

“We are also certain that these terrorist modules are instigated, inspired and supported by elements across the border without which they cannot act with such devastating effect,” he said.

“Pakistan in 2004 had solemnly given an assurance that Pakistani territory will not be used to promote, encourage, train and abet terrorist elements directed against India,” said Singh. “That assurance has to be fulfilled before the peace process or other processes can make progress.”

Mumbai police identified another suspect in its bombing investigation Friday, the third man to be sought in the attacks.

Police said a man known only as “Rahil” was being sought in connection with the blasts but gave no more details.

Also, The Times of India reports… Police say that the tone of the Al Qaeda caller from yesterday sounded like a Kashmiri.

Austin Bay has more on the ongoing investigation.

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