If Only Al Maliki Were Jewish, Democrats Would Be Happy

George Bush didn’t promise a Jew would lead Iraq, he only hoped for free elections…

Now that:

– Iraq has held very successful democratic elections for parliament and a constitution
– A cabinet has been set up and approved by that Iraqi parliament
One of 18 provinces has turned over security to Iraqi forces
– The Iraqi economy is picking up steam
– Terrorist leaders have been captured or killed
– Water and electrical projects are completed
– Saddam has been hauled out of a spider hole, slapped, tried and force fed through a tube


…For some reason, the liberals in this country believe that the Iraqi Prime Minister Al Maliki should be praising Isreal’s response to the Hezbollah attacks.

Not even half of their party would praise Israel for its response to Hezbollah but democrats expect the Shiite Prime Minister of Iraq to do so!

It would have been easier I suppose if a prime minister in Iraq were hand picked by the United States empire. But, unfortunately for the United States, the Iraqi people did not pick a Jew to lead their country.

And today, the democrats are trashing Al Maliki like a Christian War Memorial. It’s too bad they don’t have the same fire for Hezbollah that they do for Maliki. You’d think that if it were so important to democrats that everyone love Israel, that they would at least start with their own party. But, that might alienate half of their voters!

Sadly, the democrats had to tear down this leader of Iraq who risks his life every day for the future of his country.

Democrats need to quit pushing multi-culturalism on the Iraqi Prime Minister and start supporting him and the fledgling democracy he leads!

Al Maliki didn’t promise he would convert to Judaism, he only hopes that his country one day will become a peaceful democracy.

Rep. Jack Kingston’s blog has more on this democratic political posturing at its finest.

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