Howard Dean Reaches Out to "Whitey" in Missouri

That Howard Dean really knows how to communicate to those rural Red State voters!

It doesn’t sound like he’s made much progress since his “Confederate flags and pickup trucks” comments in 2003.

And, obviously, the Democratic Party Leader has not made it out to the rural mixed communities sprinkled across Missouri:


Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean predicted today that Missouri voters will favor his party’s candidates this fall, in part, because of the “incredible damage that Governor Blunt has done to rural… white Missouri.”

…Dean blamed the current violence in the Middle East, in part, on President George W. Bush lack of attention to the region for most of his six years in office.

Of course, it is all Bush’s fault! How could we be so blind?

The Republican response by Paul Sloca a bit more sensible:

“Northeast liberals like Howard Dean obviously have no clue about the dramatic turnaround the state has made under Gov. Matt Blunt who helped restore the state to prosperity after years of Democrat neglect.

“Gov. Blunt’s promise to make fiscally responsible decisions has led to the lowest state unemployment rate in five years, helped put more Missourians to work than during any other time in state history and pushed state revenues well above expectations. This improvement in the quality of life for Missourians was accomplished without the kind of job-killing tax increases and reckless spending Democrats like Howard Dean, Claire McCaskill and other Democrat Party bosses continue to support.

” Howard Dean represents a radical liberal agenda that includes support for abortion and a cut-and-run strategy in Iraq. The more Howard Dean talks to Missourians the more he makes the point that Democrats are out of touch with Show Me State values.”

Howard Dean is the gift that keeps on giving! Hopefully, he can make it to Missouri a few more times before the November election.

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