How to Stop Lunatic Protesters at Soldier's Funerals

Well, besides the Patriot Guard Riders

Rantburg offers advice…
Here is one way to put a damper on a bunch of abusive nutjobs who shamelessly protest at US soldier’s funerals:

Military funeral protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., asked for special police protection for a recent planned visit.

Now they’re getting something they didn’t ask for: a bill.

The controversial group – who say military deaths are God’s retribution for the country’s failure to condemn homosexuality – planned to demonstrate at the July 1 memorial service for fallen Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon Webb of Swartz Creek.

But they didn’t show up, and now they’ll be charged more than $5,000 for the cost of providing security.

Many states have also used the legislature to stop these awful protesters.

Hat Tip Tom Pechinski

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