Galloway: "I am here to glorify the Hezbollah Movement."

Brits protest against the slaughter in Lebanon and Gaza,

One protest organizer says, “The kidnap of Israeli soldiers can never justify the belligerent actions of Israel.”

Thousands of Brits took to the streets today to protest against Israel.

Protestors hold Lebanese flags and placards as they take part in a march through central London against Israeli attacks in Lebanon. (Notice the yellow Hezbollah scarves on the protesters?)

George Galloway gave his typical Islamic extremist supporting speech.


Anti-Israeli protests were held across Great Britain today. George Galloway, gave a rousing speech to the crowd in London:

Figures at the front of the protest included leaders of organisations such as the Muslim Association of Britain and anti-war campaigners like Respect MP George Galloway and writer Tariq Ali.

Mr Galloway made a speech which he said is illegal in the UK because of anti-terror laws designed to outlaw the glorification of terrorism.

He said: “Hizbollah is not a terrorist group and I am here to glorify the Lebanese resistance movement.”

He added: “I’ll see you in court, Mr Blair.”

The vast majority of demonstrators, which included men, women and children, shouted slogans such as “Peace for Lebanon” while carrying banners and a Lebanese national flag.

However a handful(?) chanted “Hizbollah” and “Down with Israel”.

Demonstrations were organised in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York.

Little Green Footballs has more on today’s Londonistan protest from earlier today.

Nordish Portal has several unbelievable pictures from today’s London protest.

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