Don't Worry About the Colonies, Dear Motherland

Word to the Motherland… Honestly, we’ll be just fine!

After years of being indoctrinated by the BBC and leftist rags on the evils of America, Brits have this view of the US:

As Americans prepare to celebrate the 230th anniversary of their independence tomorrow, the poll found that only 12 per cent of Britons trust them to act wisely on the global stage. This is half the number who had faith in the Vietnam-scarred White House of 1975.

Most Britons see America as a cruel, vulgar, arrogant society, riven by class and racism, crime-ridden, obsessed with money and led by an incompetent hypocrite.



But, sadly for the Motherland, this is not the first time they have been wrong about the colonies.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

The colonies are going to make out just fine. In fact things are improving since the “incompetent” leader moved into the White House.

America has a lower crime rate today than anytime during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, while sadly the elitists in most of the EU are seeing violent crime rates soar:

Crime has recently hit record highs in Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Toronto, and a host of other major cities. In a 2001 study, the British Home Office (the equivalent of the U.S. Department of Justice) found violent and property crime increased in the late 1990s in every wealthy country except the United States. American property crime rates have been lower than those in Britain, Canada, and France since the early 1990s, and violent crime rates throughout the E.U., Australia, and Canada have recently begun to equal and even surpass those in the United States. Even Sweden, once the epitome of cosmopolitan socialist prosperity, now has a crime victimization rate 20 percent higher than the United States.

Americans, on the other hand, have become much safer. Preliminary 2001 crime statistics from the FBI show America’s tenth consecutive year of declines in crime…
Overall crime rates in this country are now 40 percent below the all-time highs of the early 1970s.

Here’s more:

US has seen a steady decrease in violent crime since 1995, from a victimization rate of 51.2 in 1994 to 21.1 in 2004 total violent crimes per 1,000 people.

I hope that does not appear cruel or arrogant to the Brits.

I’d hate to start comparing the US economic data under the “incompetent” Mr. Bush with that of the EU (France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany have lower GDP per capita than all but four of the states in the United States.) Now, that would really be cruel and arrogant!

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