Democrats Reach New Low in 4th of July Message… Retreat!

Ah, yes!… It is those great moments in American history of retreat that has made this country great!… Happy Independence Day from your Democratic Party!

This Independence Day weekend the democrats offer a message that is all but American…

Democrats offer a message of “Retreat!”

Hello, I’m Jim Webb, the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in Virginia.

…As the occupation of Iraq has continued to drag on, some of our most distinguished retired generals, as well as many members of Congress with strong loyalties to our military, have suggested different approaches for America to remove itself from this quagmire. Rather than weighing these suggestions fairly as Americans, this Administration constantly chooses to play politics, dismissing well-intentioned concern with such trivial phrases as “cut and run.”

…I’m running for the Senate in the hope that I might bring a fresh voice, and an experienced set of eyes, onto the problems of our country. We need to redirect the efforts of our national security posture. We need to bring the Iraq War to an early and honorable end. We need to begin bringing troops home soon, as the first step toward a complete military pullout from that country. We must do this in order to free up our dedicated military people to fight the war we need to win – the war against international terrorism – and so that we can have the mobility to confront the other strategic challenges, such as the threat of an emerging China.

Thank God the history of this great nation includes winners with tremendous perseverance, faith and hope.

George Washington could have quit a number of times during the Revolution but did not and a nation was born. Abraham Lincoln could have taken advise from the democratic naysayers during his day and relinquished the South. He did not and the American Union was preserved.

George Bush could have listened to Democrats and left the Iraqis under the mass-murdering Saddam free to produce chemical weapons. He did not and in only three years Iraq today has a democratically elected government where 77% of the people who live in what the democrats call a “quagmire” still believe the suffering was worth it.

Today, only three out of eighteen Iraqi provinces are experiencing terrorist violence. 67% of the Iraqi people live in relatively peaceful areas. Oil production continues to improve. Street crews are cleaning the streets again in Baghdad. And as Iraqi American Haider Ajina reported, one of the city districts in Baghdad was renamed. Today it is called “9 Neesan” or “April 9th”… This was the day in 2003 when Iraqis were liberated!

Independence Day is important to Iraqis, too.

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