As if Nalchik Attacks Never Happened, NYT Prints Private Info

(Please note the Guantanamo link in this report.)

Amazing! Now the New York Times has published the location of Vice President Cheney’s weekend home! In a town of 1,200 it would not be hard for Leftists to dig up the address of the VP for one of their unhinged protests. Michelle Malkin lists the many times that this has happened to conservatives (this even happened to Michelle, herself).

This Leftist tactic is really nothing new… Communist countries like Cuba use this thuggish tactic all of the time to quiet dissidents.


But, better yet, how about the Al Qaeda terrorists who would love to get their hands on the head of Vice President Cheney at his weekend home?

Al Qaeda is bold enough to try it. They’ve done something similar just last October.

A Russian special forces soldier aims a grenade launcher to throw a smoke grenade outside a store, where hostages are held, in Nalchik, southern Russia , Friday, Oct. 14, 2005. Security forces on Friday freed seven hostages who had been held by alleged Islamic extremists in a police station and a store, trying to snuff out the last resistance by rebels who launched simultaneous attacks on police and government buildings across this turbulent southern Russian town a day earlier. (AP)

In the most extensive terrorist assault ever carried out on a whole city, last October Chechen Islamic terrorists attacked the Russian City of Nalchik, a city of 235,000. The terrorists pulled off simultaneous raids on 3 police headquarters, federal military bases, a gun store and the regional airport. 12 civilians and 24 members of the security forces died in violence. 91 terrorists were killed and at least 36 captured, including a former Guantanamo detainee!

The Nalchik plan took a little over 100 terrorists to terrorize a city of 235,000.
How many would it take on a town of 1,200?

Should the New York Times be concerned about this?

Two police officers take their wounded comrade to a police car in Nalchik, southern Russia, after Islamic terrorists attacked the city on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2005 in this image taken from television. (AP)

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