Advice for America This Independence Day

T.F. Boggs writes from Iraq about someone you should know, General Ali.

Here are a few words from General Ali:

In my area the security is excellent… This happened because before the terrorists were in control there was no trust between the Iraqi army and the people. They just believed the terrorists but when I came I controlled this area and I had a meeting with all the sheiks and all the people all the doctors and I made clear to them that all the terrorists and all the criminals were killers against Islam and they believed me and helped me. They gave me information and even caught terrorists and brought them to me. This is excellent. I told them that it was their job, that it was their country. All Iraqi people must fight the terrorists because it was not just the job of the Iraqi army. The terrorists were killing civilians and because of it the people believed me and they came to work with me.

The Real Ugly American has more on this Iraqi hero.


And, My Daily Rant offers advice to America this 4th of July.
Hat Tip Papa Ray

And here is a response to Daily Rant:

As A Marine, In Iraq right now. I can’t agree with this more. It’s hard to watch the news knowing the media wants to see your brothers die just so they can make some ratings. The only way that we can win this war is if the American people decide we are going to win this war. The constant lack of support back home is just fueling the fire of insurgency. I can go on forever about this but I have to continue the mission.

Sgt T., David J
Platoon Sergeant

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