A Daily Kos Dozen… 12 More Moderates On the Hot Seat

As the Democratic Inquisition continues…
Who will be the next moderate heretic singled out, persecuted, and purged from the Big Tent?

If the Leftists running the Democratic Party actually take a look at Senate voting records over the last few years, they may be surprised to find that there are 12 Democratic Senators who have lifetime voting records more conservative than Senator Joe Lieberman!

This is good news for Joe Lieberman, but not so good for those democrats who are more moderate than the marked senator from Connecticut.

From the American Conservative Union Annual Senate Ratings

(Click to Enlarge)

It’s been a rough go for Joe these past few years.
From being on top of the Democratic Party…

…to being castigated by the more and more liberal base.

So the question is…
Evan Bayh? Mary Landrieu? Robert Byrd?

Who’s next?

Will the Last Moderate Democrat Please Turn Out the Lights
Rep. Waters Joins Fight to Rid Democratic Party of Moderates

The New Editor has a few words on what he has learned from Leftists over time.

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