UN Official Says: Give Islamist Rule a Chance

“All we are saying… Is give Islamofascism a chance…”

Via StefaniaA United Nations top official from Egypt, Marvat Tallawy, says that Islamists should be given a chance to rule, referring to the recent Palestinian elections:

The process of elections and democracy should not be stopped “because we’re afraid of the result,” she said. Whether it was the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas – “Give them the chance to govern!”

If the same group was always in government, there would only be more corruption, she pointed out in the newspaper Die Presse.

Tallawi, who was Egyptian ambassador to the international organizations in Vienna from 1988 to 1991, and social affairs minister in the Egyptian government in the late 1990’s, also commented on the West’s relations with the Palestinians.

It would be negative and even “disastrous” if the EU completely halted its payments to the Palestinians. If the problems in Palestine grew, it would weaken the moderates in Arab countries and strengthen the extremists, she maintained.

“There’s already enough destruction and misery with the Palestinians,” she said, adding that if they were further isolated, the entire region could explode.

Asked about United States President George W. Bush’s project to bring democracy to the Middle East, also by means of the Iraq war, she said that democracy must come from within and could not be imposed from without.

Again, this is an Egyptian official with the United Nations who comes from a country where they routinely beat down democracy activists and women’s rights protesters, urging the EU and US to accept the Hamas thugs who will not recognize Israel and whose goal is the destruction of the Jewish State.


Not to mention… if you look at the track record of previous Islamist states like the Taliban in Afghanistan or the mullahs in Iran, the UN doesn’t have much to stand on here.

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