Terrorist Website Quotes Democrats to Rally Jihadists

No surprise, really, KavKaz Center quoted democrats this weekend in urging its radical Islamist followers to carry on with jihad after the death of Zarqawi:

Some Democrats said the death of Zarqawi in Iraq was a stunt to divert attention from a hopeless war and US soldiers’ disgraces in Iraq.

“This is just to cover Bush so he doesn’t have to answer” for Iraqi civilians being killed by the U.S. military and his own sagging poll numbers, said Rep. Pete Stark, California Democrat, reported The Washington Times.

“Iraq is still a mess — get out.”

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio Democrat, said Zarqawi was a small part of “a growing anti-American insurgency” and that it is time to get out.

“We’re there for all the wrong reasons,” Kucinich said.

“Where is Osama? Where are the battalions of trained Iraqis? Doesn’t matter, we got this guy, right? We wrote a 25 million check as a reward, and get a new headline to bump off Haditha.

“Just as the American public begins to look into Haditha, this happens. I’m going to be interested as to how Bush’s approval rating changes, as well as how long we’ve known where this guy was,” a Democrat told The American Inspectator newspaper.

But, please don’t question their patriotism.

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