Strange… Dems Aim to Strip Away Coulters 1st Amendment Rights

The party of Micheal Moore, Cindy Sheehan, “Screw Them” Kos has had enough! Democrats are drafting legislation demanding that Ann Coulter apologize to the 9-11 widows, stripping her of her First Amendment Rights:

House Democrats from Long Island and New York City on Friday joined the chorus of critics slamming Ann Coulter.

The lawmakers signed a letter drafted by Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) demanding that the conservative commentator (Coulter) apologize for saying in her new book that widows of some 9/11 victims are “enjoying” their husbands’ deaths. The book refers to the four New Jersey women as “the witches of East Brunswick.”

“Their personal loss should never be minimized, especially in such a cold and callous way as you attack these victims in your book,” Israel wrote.

As of Friday afternoon, Israel had collected the signatures of 19 House colleagues.

“It’s lawmakers who have seen firsthand what [the 9/11 widows] went through and are outraged by what Ann Coulter wrote about them,” Israel said.

No Republicans had signed the letter, even though Israel invited all members of Congress from the tristate area to do so.

Blogcritics has more:

An excerpt from Representative Israel’s letter reveals his commitment to political posturing:

“We understand that you are in the book business and that controversy might make for good sales,” Israel wrote to Coulter, “but we would urge you to consider that making mean-spirited comments about women trying to do the right thing might not be worth the resultant rise on the bestseller list.”

According to Representative Israel, no Republican has yet signed the letter, proving his underlying theory that Republicans are hatemongers. Of course, it’s possible that Republicans are too busy running the country while Democrats busily assemble ridiculous letters.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, the screw them, Bush=Hitler, “My bush not Bush” (see Zombie) crowd…

…is demanding an apology.


I believe Ann Coulter just proved her point.

The Anchoress has thoughts on taking democrats seriously.

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