Despite Kositani Influence, House Also Rejects Murtha Cut & Run

Despite the new look Far Left Kositani takeover of the Democratic Party, the Cut and Runners could not wield enough influence nor threaten enough moderates to turn the vote today. The Republicans beat out the Kositani ruled Democrats as the House voted to stay the course in Iraq:

House lawmakers rejected a timetable to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq on Friday in a Republican push to put war positions on the record.

The House passed a nonbinding resolution in a 256-153 vote that would praise U.S. troops, link the Iraq war to the global War on Terror and reject an “arbitrary date for the withdrawal or redeployment” for not being in the national interest.

Here is the Final Roll Call on Rejecting the Murtha/Pelosi Cut and Run Plan

Once again, the democrats have solidified their place as the party not to be taken seriously as protectors of the people.

And, as the courageous people of Iraq continue to stand up for democracy and truth, as the security forces continue to crackdown on the terrorists, and as this war enters its final days, the Left’s antiwar, anti-military tactics look even more pitiful.

It is amazing that all of this was accomplished while the mainstream media continues to bunk with the Al Qaeda terrorists.

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