Another Democrat Shuffled Off to the Hoosegow

In 2002-

Bill Campbell: …This is uh, I think, one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the Justice Department, and the U.S. Attorneys Office and the FBI. One of the most important things for us to remember, particularly here in Atlanta, is that they have a history of doing this. The FBI bugged Dr. King; the Justice Department followed him. The same FBI that was led by J. Edgar Hoover (the FBI Building is named after J. Edgar Hoover), one of the most well-known racists in American history…not only did he bug Dr. King, but he then sent the tapes to his wife, urging Dr. King to kill himself. They infiltrated the Civil Rights Movement. Just because they call it justice doesn’t mean very much…

In 2006- Off to the Hoosegow. See you in 2 1/2 years!

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