The Media's Pathetic Attempt to Remake Traitor McCarthy a Saint

The liberal media is wanting to annoint busted/ousted CIA leaker Mary O. McCarthy as saint, but the Strata-Sphere (via Lucianne)has the truth behind this leaking democratic CIA operative from none other than the Washington Post:

What is fascinating about this is McCarthy, as deputy Inspector General for the CIA, knew what the process was to go to Congress as a whistleblower and call these people on their lies. In fact, if she had the goods on someone at the CIA lying to Congress she would have been the darling of Reps and Dems – especially those like John McCain. Congress gets very angry if they feel they have beenb lied to under oath. She had the clout as Deputy IG to be taken seriously.

But we know from Democrat and Republican staffers McCarthy never once availed herself of the whistleblower status. There is no record of her once challenging the reports (she claims are lies, today) to Congress. She had all the opportunity, but she went to Dana Priest? If she was such a maverick, independent thinker, why not turn these people into Congress? She was retiring! There could be no retribution aimed at her for disclosing lies!

You know what – this sounds like a truly pathetic attempt to cover up her illegal acts. She is claiming she knew of lies to Congress, and not once told the one institution that would be angered by her news, be on her side, and protect her name…

…She is admitting she fell in with the rogues who felt they needed to toss out the Constitution and take the country into their own hands. As Margaret Carlson said, the CIA wanted a new President and decided to take act. It is said Nixon used his power to distort the powers of government to his political benefit. The partisan liberals in key government positions have done the same thing – abused their positions and used our government for their personal desires.

Stunningly McCarthy is still leaking, through her friends, classified details. And all these details dovetail nicely with Dana Priest’s stories. So McCarthy was so upset at the lies being told Congress she did not use the avenue open to her to take these charges to Congress (who cannot stand being lied to), but took it to the Washington Post. Yeah, right.

Surprisingly, the Washington Post did not interview wacko Jew conspiring Ray McGovern to backup Mary McCarthy like the mainstream media has done in the past.

And, as was pointed out from comments in an earlier post, although organizations like the far-left group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, led by Ray McGovern encourage political hacks like Mary O. McCarthy to leak national security secrets, every officer in the CIA takes an oath when they take the job. From commenter Karridine:


A little Perspective here: I enlisted for 4 years pre- and during the USS Pueblo Incident; was granted a Top Secret Cryptological security clearance, and signed documents agreeing that:

IF I TALKED (revealed classified data)

I GO TO JAIL (20 years, $20,000; both)

Democrats OR Republicans, who rationalize THIS CRIMINAL ACT by putting ‘the public needs to know’ above their own integrity and the Constitutional law of the land, HARM America and themselves!

And should feel full weight of the Law!

Here is another bit of interesting news on Mary O. McCarthy’s scribe, Dana Priest:

This is minor in the scheme of things, but it strikes me as fascinating:

The Wikipedia article on Dana Priest had once given her husband’s name and affiliation, and yet was removed at one point with the note “edit requested by member of family”

There is no article on that guy yet, although his name is given (without a link) in the Wiki article on his organization.

Could this be because her husband heads the Leftist organization, The Center for International Policy, whose mission includes reform of the nation’s intelligence agencies?

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