Terror-linked Imam, Abu Laban, Speaks Out Against Laziness

Sugiero has the latest from Abu Laban the… Danish, terror-linked, cartoon-faking, riot starting, death threatening, “I’m taking my family to the human rights mecca of Gaza”… Imam’s Friday sermon as translated from Ekstra Bladet :

If you believe education is expensive, try being ignorant. Living as an ignorant is expensive. I feel sorry for the danes that fit to this description. They let the media form their opinion”, he shouted from the pulpit.

In Laban´s opinion, the lack of education and knowledge are the main reasons for racism and islamophobia.

“If you have a phobia it´s due to lack of knowledge. People who have a phobia, are lazy,” he explains as he adds he´s not afraid to offend anyone.

He also criticizes the media for considering personal matters more important than spreading the message of islam.

“Once more have I been the main issue for the media”, referring to his statements about leaving Denmark.

The forked-tongue imam tried to make it clear for all the present that he was staying.

“I stay in Denmark as long as I want to. I leave when I decide to do so”, he exclaimed.

Sugiero has much more background on this radical Imam.

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