Moussaoui Gets Life for His Role in the Deaths of 2,819

“America, you lost,” Moussaoui taunted.

Al-Qaida conspirator Moussaoui gets life for his role in conspiring to kill 2,819 individuals.

Please, help me understand how this amount of hatred, destruction and death, gets life?

Has it been that long ago…

I’m confused on this.
Moussaoui gets Life because the jury thought he was treated badly as a child.
I know a lot of people who had rough childhoods who don’t slaughter thousands of innocent Americans.

May they rest in peace.
(Pictures from Digital Journalist)

Rusty Shackleford calls it a “Travesty of Justice”
In the Bullpen sees it as fair because “he wanted to die”.
Hot Air has a roundup of reaction.
Tammy Bruce in disgusted with the today’s news.
Don Surber says we made him an inspiration.
Opinion Journal– “They should have killed him.”

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