More on the New "Truth to Power" Speaker for the Left

The Washington Post has more on Ray “Cindy Sheehan with a beard” McGovern this morning.

Kennedy’s Smooth Ride Turns Bumpy

I am mostly pointing this out, because the piece mentions what I wrote on Friday about Ray McGovern.


I still believe Powerline said it best about the Left’s new hero-nut:

This is the man CNN says was “speaking truth to power” when he heckled Rumsfeld, and whom Andrew Sullivan–whose standards are getting lower all the time–described as “not some crazed lefty.” It’s scary to consider what it would take for a lefty to be considered “crazed” by either Andrew or CNN.

Nutjob Ray McGovern Heckles Rummy
If Ray McGovern Speaks ‘Truth to Power’ Why the Lie About WMD?

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