Missouri Will Honor Its Heroes on Monday at the State Capital

Missouri State Veterans Ombudsman Pat Rowe Kerr and State Auditor Candidate Colonel Jack Jackson sent this news about an event planned on Monday, May 8, 2006at the south lawn of the Missouri State Capital, from 6-7 PM.

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Pat Rowe Kerr also sent information on the soldier families that were in need of help that I had mentioned in earlier posts:


The Dietiker Family and their young daughter head to Chicago for cleft palette repair in July; the soldier found a job and his wife is undergoing her 5th cancer treatment this month.

Operation on Spirit’s Wings is close to reaching goals (thank you to you all!!!!!). I anticipate that Mrs. Wilson will head to Switzerland in July as well.
Thank you very much!

Thanks to all who donated to these families.
Last month this blog and Operation Undergarment helped raise $5544.70 in two weeks for the Wilson family!

** Also, I was sent this nice demo to a tribute to our troops that you can play at PoliSat.com. You’ll have to scroll down to the April 13 posting. Jim Wrenn and friends did a really nice job putting this together.
HERE is a direct link.

** And, Operation Noble Duty is now forming to help the Texas Military Family Foundation and the soldiers they are working so very hard to honor and support.

Bill Crawford at All Things Conservative is working on this drive.

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