John Murtha Says "Cold Blooded Murder" Tops Naked Pyramid

And, I would bet that if ten Marines invited John Murtha to a blanket party, that would top naked pyramid, too!


And, get today’s other Murtha headline“Murtha: Iraq killings may hurt war effort”

* And, so does convicting innocent marines (they are still innocent, right?) before their trial has ended.
* As does holding press conferences daily on “cold blooded” murdering marines.
* And, so does exaggerating the death toll from initial reports.

How long is the democratic media going to water board the American public with Murtha’s defeatist nonsense?

How many John Murtha headlines are we going to be force fed? How many interviews of Murtha attacking the brave men and women fighting in the field are we going to see in the coming days… months?

And, is there any reporter in this country, just one, that might investigate a little bit to find out that this liberal anti-war democrat also said the same things about the conflict in Mogadishu?… That John Murtha has been spouting off against the Iraq War since the beginning?… That his talking points are weak if not outright lies?

Is that asking too much from the mainstream media?
And, is it too late for the marines to recall John Murtha?

As John Murtha’s opponent Diana L. Irey said in a recent press conference:

“These inflammatory remarks read around the world not only put Americans lives at risk,” she said, “but will also be used as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations.”

But, John Murtha would rather see a defeated America. Pathetic.

Australian President John Howard told the White House ten days ago, “The world needs a strong America!”

But sadly, that won’t stop the liberals in this country from tearing it down.

Update: Just when you think the liberals could not stoop any lower, Murtha outdoes himself here… Murtha’s Memorial Day Tribute: Accusing U.S. Military Of “A Coverup”

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