If 56 of 58 Top Saudi Terrorists Are Finished is America Less Safe?

Democrats argue that America is “less safe” today than before 9-11 and if you dig deep enough into the Democratic Party website you will find that they even offered a plan sometime in April on how to have “Real Security.”

But, how true are these allegations?

In Iraq- 45 out of Iraq’s 55 Most Wanted have been captured or killed.
In the overall War on Terror- 18 of the top 25 Al Qaeda mambers have been captured or killed.

And, Sir Humphrey’s is reporting that according to Security Watchtower, two more Saudi al Qaeda operatives were killed in Iraq according to an internet posting at the Mujaheddin Consultative Council website, a Sunni group with links to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

With the deaths, 56 of the top 58 most wanted al Qaeda linked terrorists in the Kingdom have been killed or captured.

Since 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9-11 were Saudi Arabian, this looks like good news for the US.

More numbers from the War on Terror via Security Watchtower:

Al Qaeda Global losses in the War on Terror (2001-2006)

* “In the ensuing war on terror, some 2,000 Al Qaeda fighters have been killed or captured.” – Strategic Survey’s estimate in May 2004 (Source)

* “…nearly 80 percent of Al Qaeda’s operational leadership and membership in 102 countries has been killed or captured.” – Rohan Gunaratna in summer 2004 (Source)

* “Since September 2001, over 3,000 al-Qaida suspects have been detained in over 90 countries.” – White House on 1 July 2003 (Source)

* “…about 3,000 al Qaeda members have been detained or arrested by about 90 countries, of which 650 are under U.S. control.” – CRS Report for Congress on 10 February 2005 (Source)

* “Altogether, more than 1,600 terrorists and their supporters have been arrested or detained in 95 foreign nations.” – White House on 20 Apr 2002 (Source)

* “Of the top 37 top al Qaeda operatives identified by U.S. agencies after September 11, 2001, 15 have been captured or killed.” – CRS Report for Congress on 10 February 2005 (Source)

* “Over 400 individuals and entities have been designated pursuant to Executive Order 13224, resulting in nearly $150 million in frozen assets.” – White House on 5 Dec 2005 (Source)

* “…more than 55 terrorist leaders and planners had been captured or killed since 9/11” – Department of Defense in April 2003 (Source)

* “Between 2,000 and 4,000 Al Qaeda-linked individuals have been detained in dozens of countries.” – Free Press Washington on 11 September 2004 (Source)

* “Indonesian Vice-President Jusuf Kalla, spoke with reporters about the terror threat and said that “no country in the world has caught more terrorists than Indonesia”, citing over 200 terrorists who have been captured or killed, many of whom were tied to al Qaeda’s southeast Asian arm, Jemaah Islamiyah.” (Source)

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