Gunshots at House! FBI Investigates… Wait! Isn't that Illegal?

Hello Operator… Get me Denny Hastert!

Gunshots or no gunshots! We need to put a stop to this FBI investigative madness!

Police are investigating after reports of gunfire was heard coming from a parking lot at a US House office building this morning:

Capitol police were investigating “the sound of gunfire in the garage level of the Rayburn House Office Building,” said an announcement on the internal Capitol voice alarm system.

The Senate was in session at the time, but the House was not. Four ambulances were summoned. The FBI said there have been no injuries reported thus far.

Rep. Peter Hoekstra (news, bio, voting record), R-Mich., conducting a House Intelligence Committee hearing, interrupted a witness to request those attending the meeting to remain in the room and said the doors must be closed.

“It’s a little unsettling to get a Blackberry message put in front of you that says there’s gunfire in the building,” he said.

But, wait!… Is this investigation lawful? Who do the police think they are, coming into the House Office Building and snooping around? Don’t think that you can intimidate the members of this House! And, don’t you dare think you’re going to take anything out of here!


This is an outrage and against Congressional policy!

Someone call the president and demand that he freeze all investigative operations, immediately!

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Update: (7:00 PM CST) It was a false alarm. Jim Saxton (R-NJ) was one of those who made warning calls.

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