French Youth Get a Kick Out of "Happy-Slapping" Teachers

The Joy of “happy-slapping” your teacher in France,

No Pasaran! and France Echos each carried versions of a story this week about teacher-student bonding in France:

A female teacher from a high school in Porcheville was attacked by one of her students, while another one was recording the scene with the cam on his cell phone.

Suddenly, with no reasons, a “jeune” (= young man = criminal, usually with extra-european origins, not necessarily young – copyright political correctness) throws himself on the teacher, and attacks her violently. Another student doesn’t miss anything of the scene, and records it with his cell phone’s camera.

The video was instantly spread in the neighborhood’s cité (France’s Islam’s colonies) Val-Fourré, and caused an unhealthy excitation.

The attacker of 18 years old was arrested and freed a few hours later.

You have to love how the media excuses this violent behavior as “happy-slapping!”

In January, the French teachers were enjoying the “happy-slapping” so much that they decided to strike.

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