Democrats Send In the Ballet Dancer to Attack Bush on War

Since the democratic hawk is busy trashing the military with accusations of cold blooded murder, the dems have sent in former professional ballet dancer, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), to attack the military brass, the Secretary of Defense and President Bush on how to effectivively manage a war.

In yesterday’s LA Times, Emanuel uses the Mogadishu conflict in a strange attempt to make a point out how democrats would run, or run from, a war.

“The buck stops with Bush, not Rumsfeld”

This seems like a rather strange move by the answerless democrats. We know that John Murtha urged President Clinton to cut and run back during the Mogadishu conflict, a conflict that was tied to Bin Laden and that Osama Bin Laden later saw as a big win for Al Qaeda. So this does seem like a strange move to point out the democrats failures.

Prairie Pundit points out the faulty reasoning behind Emanuel’s demi-plié.

It doesn’t help the democrat’s cause much either that General Peter Pace repeated at a Memorial Day ceremony just yesterday that his soldiers are very well taken care of under the George W. Bush Administration.

And, here is an update on the generals from Prairie Pundit.

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