Czech Officials Bring Life to Disgruntled Dentist's Meeting

Saying he had “a private matter to settle”, the former Deputy Prime Minister, slaps the Health Minister… and then it was on!

After hours of meetings on “healthy incisors” and “building bridges that last” the cat calls from the dentists in the audience only provoked the fight further,

Sadly, the Health Minister was unaware that his PowerPoint presentation would be so upsetting to the former Deputy Prime Minister!

The Czech Republic’s Former Deputy Prime Minister, a former dentist, breaks off addressing a meeting of dentists to deliver a hard slap to the back of Health Minister David Rath’s head. (BBC)


Czech dentists are not known for their violence:

Mr Macek took the stage to begin the discussion.

But before he did so, he explained to the audience there was a private matter he had to settle with Mr Rath first. He walked up behind him and slapped him, hard, on the back of the head.

The audience watched in amazement as a stunned Mr Rath rose and made to leave. But then the health minister turned on his heels, walked up to Mr Macek and called him a coward.

Mr Macek responded by hitting him again, and the two men began throwing punches.

Lovely!… Still no word on how ticket sales are going for next year’s convention.

Czech parliamentary elections will be held in two weeks.

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