World! Please Welcome Your New Human Rights Leaders!

“The time has come for a truly global rededication to the principle of justice for all.”

Jimmy Carter
The Carter Center
After successfully campaigning against the United States in the urging quick adoption of the new UN Human Rights Council.

The resurrected UN Human Rights Council will select 47 nations on May 9, 2006, to police the world in human rights abuses.

Here is your chance to help select the next regimes, democracies, communist dictatorships and mullacracies that will be thrashing the US soon on its horrible record of Human Rights abuses.

Amnesty International and the United Nations have interactive lists where you can look further into the regime that will be up for the Council this week!
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The description after each nation is from the Freedom House Annual Global Survey of Political Rights and Civil Liberties.

African States- (13 guaranteed seats) Pick 13:

Algeria- Not Free
Cameroon- Not Free
Djibuti- Partly Free
Ghana- Free
Kenya- Partly Free
Mali- Free
Mauritius- Free
Morocco- Partly Free
Nigeria- Partly Free
Senegal- Free
Tunisia- Not Free
Zambia- Partly Free

Note- Only 12 African countries applied for the council. So, if all goes as expected, all 12 will be included on the HR Council. 3 are countries that are not free and have serious human rights abuses.

Asian States- (13 guaranteed seats) Pick 13:

Bahrain- Partly Free
Bangladesh- Partly Free
China- Not Free
India- Free
Iran-Not Free
Iraq- Not Free
Japan- Free
Jordan- Partly Free
Kyrgyzstan- Partly Free
Lebanon- Partly Free
Malaysia- Partly Free
Pakistan- Not Free
Philippines- Partly Free
Republic of Korea- Free
Saudi Arabia- Not Free
Sri Lanka- Partly Free
Thailand- Partly Free

Note- What a great bunch! Of your 18 selections, you have 5 selections that are not free countries and you have 3 countries that are free. Good luck!

Eastern European States (6 guaranteed seats) Pick 6:

Albania- Partly Free
Armenia-Partly Free
Azerbaijan- Not Free
Czech Republic- Free
Georgia- Partly Free
Hungary- Free
Latvia- Free
Lithuania- Free
Romania- Free
Russian Federation- Not Free
Slovenia- Free
Ukraine- Free

Latin American and Caribbean States (8 guaranteed seats) Pick 8:

Argentina- Free
Brazil- Free
Cuba- Not Free
Ecuador- Partly Free
Guatemala- Partly Free
Honduras- Partly Free
Mexico- Free
Nicaragua- Partly Free
Peru- Free
Uruguay- Free
Venezuela- Partly Free

Note- Venezuela is dropping fast. This is their year. Hopefully, Castro will get his wish. Then, maybe his people will quit fleeing his island paradise in ’59 Buicks.

Western European and Other Seats (7 guaranteed seats) Pick 7:

Canada- Free
Finland- Free
France- Free
Germany- Free
Greece- Free
Netherlands- Free
Portugal- Free
Switzerland- Free
United Kingdom- Free

Note- 2 of these democracies will be sent home packing. Sorry guys, we had to make room for Asian and African regimes.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your 2006 United Nations Human Rights Candidates!

New UN Human Rights Council Ensures Violators Are Included

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