US Economy Continues Boom

Jayson had his latest good news from your wallet post up yesterday:

Following up on today’s job market release, here are some other facts and numbers you won’t see reported by the liberal Democrat media:

Total net payroll gain – 3/05 – 3/06:

Two million ninety thousand (2,090,000).

Of that sum:

1,934,000 – Private sector.
156,000 – Government.

The average monthly net gain in W-2 jobs at established private-sector companies since March 2005 has been 161,000.

Since March ‘04 – 159,700.

Since March ‘03 – 132,222.

That’s true, the economy has created nearly five million net payroll jobs in the private sectors since March 2003 – which, not coincidentally, was right before those small business tax cuts were enacted by the Repugnathug Party in Congress.

And, Jayson also had this:


No, not the cost of Pelosi’s latest Botox treatment.

We’re talking about jobs, honey.

Over the past year the economy has created the net sum total of three million forty thousand jobs:

140.60 million – Total employment – March 2005.
143.64 million – Total employment – March 2006.

That’s an average gain of 253,333 net jobs per month.

Texas Rainmaker says that:


Bush Tax Cuts May Result in More Job Losses… for Democrats

He includes what democrats said back before the Bush tax cuts back in 2003… More reason to keep the socialists in the minority.

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