UNReal! Iran Elected to Lead UN Disarmament Commission

Update: (Monday 4-17) This is getting more notice today.

Back in January, 2003, Iraq moved into the lead position at the United Nations Disarmament Committee:

Iraq will chair the United Nations’ most important disarmament negotiating forum during the panel’s May session.

…”The irony is overwhelming,” a U.S. diplomat said.

Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Monday delivered their 60-day report on the status of weapons inspections in Iraq. It was a less-than-glowing summary, with both men saying Baghdad is not cooperating with inspectors and is not being forthcoming on disclosing information about its weapons programs.

…Joining Iraq (due to alphabetical order) as co-chair for the session in Geneva, Switzerland, will be Iran.

The conference chair helps organize the work of the conference and assists in setting the agenda.

Fast forward to 2006…

On Tuesday, the same day that Iran surprised the world that they may have successfully enriched enriched uranium to 3.5%, they were elected Deputy on the UN Commission of Disarmament:

United Nations Commission on Disarmament on Tuesday elected Iran as deputy for Asian nations.

The UN Commission opened its annual meeting on Monday which will work until April 28.

The UN Commission on Disarmament which is subsidiary organ of the General Assembly will review disarmament and international security.

In their first day of meetings the Commission pressed nuclear states to demolish their nuclear arms and:

They also called on Israel to sign up to NPT and give access to all its nuclear sites for monitoring by UN nuclear agency.

In related news… Last year the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission approved sale of titrium lights that contain gas that could be used in hydrogen bombs to Iran.

The slightly revamped, but still shamefully inadequate, UN Human Rights Group is not doing any better:

* 15 human rights groups expressed outrage over Switzerland’s nomination of Jean Ziegler, founder of the “Muammar Khadhafi Human Rights Prize,” to be an expert for the UN’s new Human Rights Council.
* China, Iran, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and Algeria are in the running for positions on the Council (Fox Video)
* The US, who was one of four nations to vote against the new council, declined to be a part of the sham
* Iran says the worst cases of human rights violations occur in the Israeli-Occupied Lands.

Update: (Friday AM) It will be interesting to see how China explains this latest news about the unjust imprisonment of blogger Hao Wu. (Via Instapundit)


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