The National Bird Is a Big Online Hit

The national bird is a big online hit.

Especially since there are “three” new additions in each episode.

And, now you can watch the whole Bald Eagle family 24 hours a day online!

** HERE is one of the online “Eagle Cams” from the the Eagle Cam homepage. **


The Portland Press Herald has the latest on this online sencsation:

Maine’s two celebrity bald eagles have a new set of triplets, and the fuzzy little chicks are attracting lots of admirers on the Internet.

Thousands of viewers are logging on to a live Web cam to catch glimpses of the eaglets as they stick their heads up over the edge of their nest at feeding times. The sight is just as exciting to seasoned scientists, who have never before enjoyed such an up-close and detailed view of an eagle family.

“What is incredibly valuable here is the level of detail,” said Wing Goodale, research biologist for the BioDiversity Research Institute in Gorham. “To have this kind of view is truly unique.”

Perhaps most exciting is the fact that the eagles had triplets.

One of the archived eagle’s nest images from the “Eagle Cam” available at Biodiversity Research institute.
Here are more photos fo our national bird.

Hat Tip to a friend from Guam

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