Some Images Are Just Not Fit to Print

Sorry for the disturbing image!

One of these pictures was so offensive it was not published in any major American publication. It was the reason that at least nine Christian Churches and five Christian-owned buildings were torched in Nigeria. It was the reason that Danish and Norwegian embassies were destroyed in Damascus. It was the reason that mass marches and stonings took place throughout the Muslim world. It was the reason that five individuals lost their lives in Afghanistan. It was the reason that boycotts were held. It is the reason that the UN was called in to negotiate a plan for understanding and diversity awareness.

Blasphemous images like this could scar one for life.

The other picture was published front page center of the Los Angeles Times, yesterday.

Winds of Change has the story of the Army Staff Sergeant injured in Iraq (Via Instapundit).

One image did not fit the standards of the newspaper. The other image was on message.

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