School Bans Old Glory After it Becomes "Symbol of Antagonism!"

**HERE** is the unbelievable video of this ridiculous banning of ALL flags, even Old Glory, because as the liberal principle says, “The flag has now become a symbol of antagonism!”

At least one Colorado School Districts has banned Old Glory!…
They are blaming it on “Flag Abuse”!

About Skyline High School students protested the school’s ban on displaying U.S. and Mexican flags on school property. (AP)

After some students tried to raise the Mexican flag up a flagpole at an Arizona school yesterday, some other kids took and torched it. All six students involved were sent home along with a letter to all of the students in the school district:


Apache Junction School District plans to ban flags on clothing after tensions flare over a Mexican flag on Thursday.
The Apache Junction School District sent home a letter with its 1600 high school students, saying from this point forward, students are forbidden from wearing any paraphernalia that contains a nation’s flag, whether that be Mexico, Canada, even the US flag.

Some parents hit the ceiling, saying it’s ludicrous for a school to ban the American flag. The school said it was only trying to create a proper environment for learning, and to protect the student’s safety.
The decision came after a student tried to run a Mexican flag up a flag pole at school. Other students took the Mexican flag and burned it.
Friday night, the school district reversed its decision. A district spokesperson told CBS 5 news after hearing concerns from parents and students, it re-evaluated the situation, and decided clothing and accessories that display any flag will continue to be allowed come Monday morning, but only if they do not interfere with the learning process.

A Colorado schol district, though, has gone ahead with bans on Old Glory!

Skyline High School Principal Tom Stumpf said American flags were brazenly waved in the faces of Hispanic students and in one case a Mexican flag was thrown into the face of another student.

“When it involves the American flag and its abuse in vilifying other people, we simply will not tolerate it,” Stumpf said. “They were using the symbol derisively as misguided patriotism.”

Students were warned about the policy Friday and several were suspended, although Stumpf would not provide details. Then, about 100 students protested during lunch time.

Student Dustin Carlson told Denver station KCNC-TV that he was suspended for two days.

“I’m getting suspended for it and personally I think that’s uncalled for,” he said. “If this country means freedom, then why can’t we fly our own flag? It’s ridiculous.”

My word! This is some crazy stuff! What’s so hard about respecting the flag of the nation you are visiting? It’s scary to see how imbedded the toxic liberal nonsense is in our schools. It just makes your jaw drop.

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