Retired General Richard Myers Defends Rumsfeld

Retired General Richard Myers defends Donald Rumsfeld today,

General Richard Myers, Former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

Retied General Richard Myers responded to criticism of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in an interview today on FOX News:

Frankly, I don’t understand it. I think it’s really bad for the military. I think it’s bad for civil military relations and I think it’s potentially bad for the country because the role of the military is not to judge or criticize our civilian bosses. This country is built around civilian control of the military and I think this could undermine that if we are not careful…

…People misperceive Secretary Rumsfeld. I don’t think people understand how collaborative he is when we are discussing tough issues. Most of the meetings he comes to he does not have a preconceived notion of what the answer is. He is very collaborative, I think almost to a fault.

I would say, “Boss, look the answer is obvious” and Rumsfeld would say “Wait a second, let’s hear what everyone has to say.”

He has this tremendous intellectual energy that allows him to look at problems probably in more depth than most of us have the patience or intellect to do.

He is very collaborative and he gets a lot of advice from a lot of people and he listens.

He is very patient with people who don’t have their story, their facts together. He is very patient in trying to get out of them what information they may have. He is also very loyal down the chain. He knows that mistakes will be made and he is very tolerant of that.

In terms of a team, the team of the military, the combatant commanders, the advisers, the Joint chiefs–I thought we had a really strong team. I think he is very patient. He’s very loyal down the chain.

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This is a timely post, considering that Al Zarqawi may be looking for a new place to call home.

It’s interesting that as the Democratic media continues their attacks on Rumsfeld/Bush/Iraq War, news comes out that the 20th terrorist says not enough Americans died on 9-11.

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