Dems Deserve More Credit, Their Defense Plan No Small Feat

So, just how great a feat was the Democrat’s plan for fighting terrorism from this past week?

It was no minor accomplishment by any standard.
This may help…
The Futurist explains a recent Pew Research Center poll on “Who Hates America?”

A whopping 17% of Americans view their country negatively.
Gee, do you really have to think twice about which party those America haters are in?

The Futurist takes a stab at explaining those who seek to undermine American strength and security, yet cannot bring themselves to openly admit this deeply held belief. During these past 5 years, however, so many of the America-haters have readily exposed their open loathing for their homeland that it can only be explained as if it were Another Rovian Conspiracy.

Which brings us to the Democratic Party and their outstanding accomplishment from this past week…
When your party members believe that:

* Americans are baby killers
* The destruction of the Twin Towers was a planned implosion
* Bush knew about 9-11 in advance
* The atrocities at Abu Ghraib occurred after Saddam was out of power
* Guantanamo prison is a gulag
* American soldiers treat prisoners as if they were prisoners in Pol Pot detention facility
* Those held at Guantanamo are innocent farmers and merchants
* Guantanamo Bay prison conditions are disturbing
* Wiretapping terrorist conversations after they murdered 3,000 of your citizens is a bad thing
* Paying for truthful, positive propaganda is immoral during wartime
* Americans deserved 9-11
* Bush is the terrorist
* Bush is the world’s worst terrorist
* Marxism is good* The Iraq War was for oil
* The high oil prices are Bush’s fault
* Freeing 50,000,000 people from brutal regimes is not a story
* Iraq would be better under Saddam
* Cutting and running is a good defense policy
* The army is worn out
* Islamic radicals should be fought from Okinawa
* Winning an award from the communist supporters from Code Pink is a good thing
* There were no connections between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda
* A hawk is someone who speaks out consistently over time against a war
* If you don’t win elections, you may storm the White House and seize power

The fact that you even have a plan for defending the country, let alone a two-ten page PowerPoint presentation, is something that must be commended.

Congratulations Democrats!

I know this is really anti-democrat, but I was just informed that there is a list of good news from Iraq posted at National Review and compiled by Bill Crawford.

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