Democrats Gain Trust by Focusing on Border Enforcement

I’m not sure if I get this. Democrats have been as confusing as Republicans on this issue.

Rasmussen Reports says that Democrats have won round two of the immigration debate:

Democrats have focused more attention on the enforcement side of the debate. DNC Chairman Howard Dean even stated that enforcement of the border is his party’s top priority. As a result, Democrats appear to have won round two of the debate among the general public–42% now trust Dean’s party more on this issue while 35% trust the GOP.

Democrats have gained ground primarily by solidifying their base–77% of Democrats now trust their party more on the issue than Republicans, up from 60% earlier. Democrats have also made gains among unaffiliated Americans. Republicans still trust their own party more on this issue by a 70% to 12% margin.

However, while Democrats have gained ground, they still trail among the 53% of Americans who say that immigration is very important in terms of how they will vote this November. Among this group, 43% trust the GOP more and 33% trust the Democrats. To the degree that intensity matters, that’s good news for Bill Frist and his GOP colleagues in Congress.

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Americans still favor building a barrier along the Mexican border (a number that jumps to 73% among those who consider the issue very important).

Just 26% of Americans have a favorable opinion of those who have marched and protested for immigrant rights. Fifty-four percent (54%) have an unfavorable view.

As reported previously, the Minutemen are planning on breaking ground on a border fence if Bush does not commit to enforcement.


Michelle Malkin has reader responses to the president’s latest comments on the open border issue.

The border issue, probably more than any other, except possibly pork, is having a strain on the Republican approval numbers in the latest polls.

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