Delay's Retreat Gives Dems More Fuel for Their Personal Attacks

Tom Delay says he will announce tomorrow that he is not seeking re-election:

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a Texan touched by a lobbying scandal that ensnared some of his former top aides and cost the Republican his leadership post, won’t seek re-election to Congress, officials said Monday.

This is a sad day for the Republican Party.

When your plan for national defense is a two page PowerPoint presentation that says that “We will get Osama” and “We will be free of MidEast Oil” when nothing in your party’s history shows that you are capable of doing either,… then you personally attack.


You and your media continually remind Americans of indictments as if they were convictions. You don’t report that the prosecutor is a liberal hack who tried and failed six times to get Tom Delay indicted on bogus charges. You don’t say boo about the bogus charges that are thrown out. You mention in your reports that “former” employees of Delay were convicted as if this places guilt on Representative Delay. You attack, attack, attack, until the person has had enough. And, this is your win.

And, if Republicans think that these attacking politics, the only politics the Democrats know, will stop here, HAH! Think again. You get more of what you reward.

Democrats cannot win on their liberal socialist agenda. Liberals can win if they personally attack. Today, dems may have won a round.

Other Thoughts:

With all the crap they will throw at him for the next months, even a win will not be as satisfying as being able to completely take off the gloves and fight the fight with the Lone Star and the Dem machine uninhibited by either a campaign or a seat in Congress.

On JOM the attorneys there think that Libby has cause to sue Fitzgerald civilly.
DeLay’s case may offer that and more – Texas politics is not as clean as East St. Louis.


Betsy says Republicans must be breathing a sigh of relief.

Update: (Wednesday, 4-5-06) Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post has reaction to the Delay news.

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