Predictably, Democrats Unanimously Vote Down Jesus in Missouri

Another Rovian Conspiracy reported earlier on how liberal blogs and media are twisting a resolution that expresses the sentiment that voluntary prayer in schools and religious displays on public property should be allowed.

Today the liberal St. Louis Post Dispatch joined them.

Proposed House resolution on religion irks some here


The PD explains that “normal, every day ministers” are against the ghastly resolution but the “Conservative Evangelical leaders were upbeat about it.” So far not one democrat has thought it was a good idea… not one.

Some religious leaders on Friday blasted a proposed Missouri House resolution that supports prayer in schools and recognizes a “Christian God,” saying legislators are pushing Christianity as a state religion.

“It’s an atrocity,” said the Rev. Timothy L. Carson, senior minister at Webster Groves Christian Church. “Thomas Jefferson would be rolling in his grave. It’s indicative of a movement within one segment of activist Christianity that wants to dominate the rest with their views.”

It was recently approved by the House Rules Committee along party lines – five Republicans backed it, three Democrats did not – and could come for a vote before the full House next week. It would also have to pass in the Senate.

Conservative evangelical leaders were upbeat about it.

“The foundations of this country started with Christianity, and this just goes back and acknowledges where we started,” said the Rev. David Clippard, executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention.

The Rev. Mark Friz, senior pastor at St. Paul’s Evangelical Church in St. Louis, said he was “100 percent behind this resolution.”

But other Christian leaders were furious.

The Rev. David M. Greenhaw, president of Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, said he found the resolution “offensive as a Christian. I don’t want the state defining my Christianity.”

Some non-Christians also reacted strongly. Batya Abramson-Goldstein, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, said the fact that the resolution made it out of a committee was significant.

“It’s not that this is one individual’s opinion,” she said. “Other legislators have voted on this already, so it takes on a legitimacy that makes it more than a resolution. It’s painful for faith communities outside the Christian community.”

Here is the resolution.

It doesn’t seem that offensive to this non-evangelical. Actually, most of the people in this Red State would agree with the resolution. I wonder if there is a way that state Republicans could bring something like this to a vote?

It’s mind boggling that the liberal democrats at the Post Dispatch think their reporting will change many minds on this. Slanting coverage on Iraq is one thing, but they ought to know not to mess with religion in this Red State! Not surprisingly the states democrats ALL voted the resolution down in committee. I do hope that the Republicans in the state remind folks of this. It’s not just Conservative Evangelicals that are fed up with the Christian bashing in the country.

I wonder how this fits in with the democratic party’s aim to change the perception of the GOP as God’s official party?

Stop the ACLU, is reporting on the growing theocracy that is Missouri.

Wilsonizer sees God everywhere today.

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